Giant Woodcut Banner Exhibit in North Hero, VT, Exhibit Closing Event June 9th

Giant Woodcut Banner Exhibit at GreenTARA Gallery

A variety of Peter Schumann’s most recent giant woodcut banners and paintings will be available for viewing at GreenTARA Gallery closes Sunday, June 9th, with a day of celebratory events.


Events begin at 12:30 with the Film Screenings and Introduction by Robin Lloyd. To quote Robin: “both are extraordinary, portraying a kind of rural primitive drama seen no where else in the world.”

Two Pageants: Gates of Hell (40min) & Men With Teeth (20min) Gates of Hell is a magnificent virtuoso performance by the Bread and Puppet Theater troupe on the grassy amphitheater and hills of their farm in Glover, Vermont. Involving several hundred performers, this last Pageant (1998) portrays the corrupting force of capitalism on humanity, told through fragments of a poem by Bertolt Brecht, which are assembled and crucified on a burning pyre.

“This pageant is about the citizenry who get attacked and sacrificed and resurrected. Out of this population comes the butcher who is professional and obedient, himself a sheep or calf, and also the slaughterer of the calf – the real Nazi and also the proper citizen doing what he is told.” Peter Schumann, Director of Bread and Puppet.

These films were produced by Robin Lloyd. Robin has been a filmmaker, director of the video production company Green Valley Media, and active in the peace and justice movement in Burlington, VT. Her videos of the Bread and Puppet pageants, with Peter Schumann commentary, are unique documentaries of this creative and extraordinary theater. Audience Level: Elementary through Adult.

Film Viewings will be followed by Bluebird Fairycard Readings ($5) by Emily Anderson; sales of Bread + Puppet Art, Woodcut Banners, and Cheap Art; Bread & Aioli; Garbage Man; as well as a short performance by Emily Anderson Brian Merrill will be playing his carved flutes and Gallery will have various Coffee/Tea drinks. All activities will be ongoing or repeating until gallery closing time at 4pm. For more info: Diane Gayer, [email protected] or


Directions to GreenTARA Gallery:

3275 US Rt. 2, North Hero, VT 05474

Contact: 802-355-2150, [email protected]

Venue website:

Gallery Hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 10 – 4 PM


About the Exhibit: Post Apocalyptic Dawn of Possibilitarians

The giant woodcut banner exhibition includes the series Diagonal Life: Theory and Practice; Life Little Life, new work inspired by the incarceration of children at the US /Mexico border; and Post-Apocalypse for a 3/4 Empire, inspired by Young Durer’s 1495 furious apocalypse woodcuts.

“The Dawn is the new republic that brings new light into a crumbling republic of waste and warfare. It is the celebration of the possible light that must confront the current day darkness. The Possibilitarians are the dwarfs of the giantism system, the misfits in the billionaire universe, the-underneath-the-above kids who stand up against the end-of-the-world politics. Possibilitarians of the world unite!”

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