Dec 5th-Dec 16th – Bread and Puppet Performs in New York City!

For the 46th year, Peter Schumann’s Bread and Puppet Theater will return to Theater for the New City on December 5-16 with two new works.

From Dec 5th to 9th, the company will present The Or Else Opera -Eisler/Brecht, a show developed at the end of last summer in The Paper Mache Cathedral in collaboration with the New York based Pi Ensemble.  Schumann describes it as: “A paper mache puppet opera, punctuated by melting ice drops under a starry sky made of garlic.  The composer Hanns Eisler, a major Brecht collaborator, fled the Nazis, joined the Berliner Ensemble and now enters the 21st century’s humanity, it’s giant fears and overcrowded spirit, at the moment of re-occurring fascism.”

From Dec 13th to 16th, the company will present The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus.  This will be the last stop on a 3 month tour of this show which traveled around the perimeter of the US with a rotating, star-studded, multi-generational B&P touring company.  The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus is a celebration of 6000 years of human revolution against human management, featuring celastic tigers and celestial grasshoppers, and powered as always by the hot sounds of the Bread and Puppet Circus Band.


For more information including times and how to reserve tickets, CLICK HERE


*Both shows rely on a large chorus of volunteers.  If you are interested, please email Joe Therrien, NYC  volunteer coordinator, at [email protected]

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