Our Domestic Insurrection Circus

Our Domestic Insurrection Circus is a giant puppet spectacle addressing the urgencies and absurdities of the current moment — equal parts visually striking, politically potent, funny and poignant.

Peter Schumann, Bread and Puppet’s founder and director, says that they call this year’s Circus Our Domestic Insurrection Circus because with this show they hope to inspire the public to rebel and “underthrow the current system from the toes up,” creating the “possibilitarian models of the new: the sourdough, the potato patches of the new.”

In Our Domestic Insurrection Circus this insurrection is carried out by a contingent of Bread and Puppet’s archetypal Washer Women in the guise of the National Demolition and Composting Force, a giant blue pageant puppet representing Water Protectors, and decapitalization decapitations of capitalist monsters, frequently interrupted by possibilitarian sunrises.

Bread and Puppet accompanies their proposal of general insurrection with the announcement of a new political party, the Possibilitarians, who have a platform that includes promoting the “thousand alternatives” to the capitalist ¾ empire system, as well as “restoring the sky to its advisory capacity for all aspects of humdrum life.” Possibilitarian candidates are nominated and audience members are invited to sign up to volunteer to construct this new political party.

Our Domestic Insurrection Circus will tour the contiguous US September-December 2018. Please contact Joshua Krugman (jrkrugman@gmail.com) with booking requests.

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