Woodcut Banner Exhibit at Towle Hill Studio, May 26th-27th and June 2nd-3rd

Giant Woodcut Banner Exhibit

May 26th-27th and June 2nd-3rd

Towle Hill Studio

28 Center Road, Corinth, Vermont 05039

Inspired by Dürer’s series, Peter Schumann cut his Post-Apocalyptic Woodcuts for the ¾ Empire in the early months of 2017, addressing, “the brand new horror of our own Empire boss’s threat to eliminate whole countries for non-compliance with Empire politics.” Lila Winstead added assemblages of carved words, from the Bread and Puppet print shop archives, and printed them on large muslin fabric. The text within the images is from the cantastoria of the same title.

Join us for our receptions on Saturday, May 26th at 4 PM with “The Garbage Man” and on Saturday, June 2nd at 4 PM with a small musical performance.

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