We are looking for a Farm Manager for our 2014 Summer Season

Starting January 15th we will be accepting letters of interest.
See below for a complete job description and more information.



Bread and Puppet Farm Manager Position


Bread and Puppet Theater is a Political Puppet Theater company nestled in the North East Kingdom of Vermont.  The theater sits on over 100 acres, which include: indoor and outdoor performing spaces, a house for daily operations, two large vegetable gardens and farm animals.   The gardens and animals produce much of the food that feeds the 60 plus community that gathers to create political theater in the summer.


Job description:


As the Bread and Puppet Farm Manager you will be responsible for creating an overall garden plan that best suites the land and the needs of the kitchen throughout the summer.

This will include:

– Coming up with a plan for all plantings, rotations, and cover cropping

– Creating and placing seed orders

– Facilitating and overseeing seeding, planting, transplanting, maintenance, weeding,

fertilizing, pest-control, harvesting and storage of all crops grown on property

– Constructing and deconstructing greenhouses and cold frames and monitoring frost protection/season extension.

– Working in collaboration with B & P staff in animal husbandry projects such as raising pigs, meat chickens, and laying hens for summer food production

– Maintaining relationships with nearby farms.

– Coordinating all activities with kitchen and performing company, this includes having

produce ready everyday during the summer to feed folks, including salad twice a day for 60-80 during the week, and up to 150 on weekends.

– Maintaining all farming tools and one farm truck.

– Managing and coordinating all help, including daily harvest and weekly chore crews with theater apprentices.

– Being in constant communication with the maintenance person about grounds and overlapping projects

– Maintaining financial records as well as preparing an annual report of the yearly agricultural activates of the farm.


Length of Position:


This job will start mid-April (exact start date to be discussed) and will end in late September when the garden is fully put to bed.




In exchange for this work you will receive a stipend of  $3,000 as well as room and board for the 6-month period.


To Apply:


Send a letter of interest (no e-mails) that includes your background, current phone number, email address, and mailing address. Please explain your familiarity with Bread and Puppet Theater, your past farm and garden experience (in detail) and why you would like to be the farm manager at Bread and Puppet Theater.  Include any other information that you feel is pertinent.


Send letter addressed to:


Bread and Puppet Theater,

Farm Manager Position
753 Heights Rd.
Glover, VT



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