Volunteer Opportunities for Summer 2017:

There are a number of different ways you can work with Bread & Puppet in the summer.

If you don’t live nearby and you’ve never worked with Bread & Puppet before, the best way to get involved is by participating in one of our apprenticeships!


For LOCAL volunteers, Community Circus Rehearsal will take place every Saturday on Circus Weekends in July and August from 3pm-6pm (Kids 2pm-3pm) and every Sunday from 10am-12pm. Come early to help set up. For more info, please contact estelibesteli@gmail.com . Please note that we cannot house any local volunteers.



We are asking that returning volunteers come duringĀ two specific periods of time:

  1. Monday May 29th-Monday June 12th, to help with our first apprenticeship/early show development/summer puppet building projects
  2. Tuesday August 15th-Tuesday August 29th, for our largest end-of-summer show period; there is also the possibility of staying a few extra days to help clean/end the summer. We will also be seeking participants for little big tour, which runs from Tuesday August 29th-Wednesday September 6th.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN COMING TO LIVE AND WORK WITH US DURING ANY OF THESE TIMES, PLEASE EMAIL lyndsaylovelove@gmail.com . PLEASE, DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. This type of volunteering must be arranged in advance.


There is also a circus tour running from June 15th-June 26th that we are seeking a few volunteers for. If you would like more information or are potentially interested in this tour, please email estelibesteli@gmail.com . This opportunity is also only open to puppeteers who have already participated in the apprenticeship.


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