HUDSON, NY Program of two shows running April 4-7th

Thursday – Sunday, April 4 – 7


50 Years of Bread & Puppet, 8 pm Thursday, April 4 – Saturday, April 6

Circus of the Possibilitarians, 3 pm Saturday, April 6, and Sunday, APril 7

Time Space Limited

424 Columbia Street; phone: 518-822-8448


50 Years of Bread & Puppet is a series of four short shows that span the fifty years that Bread & Puppet Theater has been in existence.  Dead Man Rises was first performed at Columbia University during the student occupation in 1968.  President and Chair was created in 1982 and is a ridiculous puppet show which makes fun of puppet shows and election campaigns.  History of Humanity, @ 2000,  a short and lively show that has been performed many times over the years in many places all over the world.  Man Says Goodbye to His Mother, originally created & performed during the Vietnam War Era and, sadly, still pertinent.


The Circus of the Possibilitarians is a satirical horse and butterfly circus, addressing pertinent national and international issues in a clownish fashion, including rotten ideas, a wild dancing horse and some mellow lions, a solemn salute to the world’s casualties and much more! The Dire Circumstance Jubilation Ensemble provides a little bit of brass and a lot of noise. Please take note that if some of the circus acts are politically puzzling to adults, accompanying children can usually explain them.

Photo by Mark Dannenhauer
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